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Marc Guevara

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There can be no change without movement. This is a fundamental

law. That is how change takes place. Invariably also, there

can be no growth without change as the nature of growth is

evolutionary. We will embark on this journey together and find

that place, define that catalyst, discover that stimulant that will

move us from place to place and set in motion the drivers that

enable us to grow and keep growing.


Marc Guevara  -Author, Publisher, dad and husband believers in this principle. Through his wife Dr. Beverly Hernandez, who has been the driving force and co-conspirator of change, he has lived it, and seen it take place in the lives of his children.

Marc Guevara is publisher of the Digital Artery Media Group Publishers of Tampa, FL. and Chief Engagement Officer of iDepartments, a software development company based in Tampa, Florida.

A devout Christian man, Marc wears his Christian passion on his sleeve. He is a story teller and raconteur

Marc is the author of Don’t Just Win: Make History, which is coming out in the spring of 2018.

A New Yorker and graduate of Nyack College, Marc holds an MBA from Walden University


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